A partner at Dixon & Moe, and co-founder of Section Cut and Monograph.io, Robert has deep expertise in creating software for the AEC industry.




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Monograph Dashboard: Project Planning for Architects

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Monograph Websites: Websites Builder for Architects

Dixon & Moe

We build custom software for AEC companies

Section Cut

A curated collection of architectural resources

Robert Yuen is a partner at Dixon & Moe, co-founder of Section Cut and Monograph.io. He received his M.Arch and MSc. in Digital Technologies from the University of Michigan and has worked as an architectural designer at SOM, Holabird & Root, and Blu Homes.

Dixon & Moe is a boutique software development and design consultancy focused on building applications and digital products primarily in the AEC industries. We're one of the few consultancies in the world that can take an idea or problem from end to end with domain knowledge in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction.

Monograph is a technology company founded by architects with the mission to help every architect, engineer, and builder succeed in their business. Architecture—the act of making buildings—is a highly complicated process that intertwines with many stake holders. We are committed to building business tools specifically for the industry to plan, manage, and organize this process. Monograph is designed to feel as simple as a social media app but as powerful as all your excel spreadsheets combined.


Building custom software to help architects, engineers, and builders is what Robert does full time.