A partner at Dixon & Moe, and co-founder of Section Cut and Monograph.io, Robert has deep expertise in creating software for the AEC industry.


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Monograph Dashboard: Project Planning for Architects

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Monograph Websites: Websites Builder for Architects

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We build custom software for AEC companies

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Architectural works from Academic and Practice

Robert Yuen builds tools and software. A partner at Dixon & Moe and Co-founder of Section Cut and Monograph, he’s a serial entrepreneur, a trained architect, an expert in designing software solutions, and zealously productive.

Personal Bio

Inherently industrious by nature, Robert has made a career out of crafting his own advantages. Born and raised in Chicago, IL, the son of immigrants from Southern China, Robert’s family worked in and out of various Chinese take-out restaurant in Chicago’s north side, where he worked as a young boy. From a very young age, going through the Chicago Public School system and coming from a low-income family, he learn quickly what went into running a small family owned restaurant. By the time he tested into Lane Tech High School and entered the school’s architectural track, he had learned not only the ins and outs of a small business, but the reality that making something from nothing takes a lot of work.

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Building custom software to help architects, engineers, and builders is what Robert does full time.