A selective collection of academic works. Framing the work can be categorized into 3 realms; Technology, Research, and Practice. With emerging technology and an interest in role of scanning and robotics, the digital tools and the agency of the hand creates a moment of syntheses between digital design, digital fabrication, and the richness of tangible material.

ISSUU Portfolio

Casting Unpredictability

Digital Fabrication · Academic

Morphfaux: Recovering plaster

Digital Fabrication · Academic

THR_33: Teahouse for Robots

Digital Fabrication · Academic

Great White: Plastic Folded Structure

Digital Fabrication · Academic

Steam Screen

Digital Fabrication · Academic

Relaxed Vault: Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

Digital Fabrication · Academic

Points + Clouds: Tactical Hermeneutics:

Digital Theory · Academic


"For it is the question of how intelligence may inform action, and how action may bear fruit of increased insight into meaning: a clear view of the values that are worth while and of the means by which they are to be made secure in experienced objects." — The Quest for Certainty

Jersey Street Residence

Practice · Home

Octavia Parcel T

Practice · Housing

Blu Homes

Practice · Pre-Fab

Noe Valley Residence

Practice · Home

Dailey Method

Practice · Retail

Dickens Residence

Practice · Home


Building custom software to help architects, engineers, and builders is what Robert does full time.